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Here, you can gain access to quality medicines with the utmost convenience.
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Here at Barron Pharmacy, you will find proficient and client-centered pharmacists who are well-trained to address your health-related concerns or inquiries. Our pharmacists are always ready to assist you when it comes to your prescriptions, medication adherence, application for medicare, pill packaging, and many more. In addition, we will also guide you all the way in acquiring relevant information about staying healthy.


Unlike other large chain stores, Barron Pharmacy ensures shorter wait times, provides patient-centered services, and delivers expert medical knowledge, conforming to the state and federal medical standards. Not to mention we also accept most major insurance plans to help our clients gain access to quality and affordable medicines and services that will better meet their needs.

Our Mission Statement

Barron Pharmacy aims to help every patient in making healthy lifestyle choices, improving their self-confidence, gaining access to quality and affordable medicines, optimizing their medication adherence, and achieving and maintaining better health.

Get in Touch

We serve clients of all ages. Should you need to avail of our services or purchase our medicines, please contact us through our hotline at 734-528-9144 or fax at 734-528-9146.