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Services We Provide

Achieve and maintain better health by enlisting in our selection of pharmaceutical services. We offer diabetes support, pill packaging, medication therapy management, and more. View More Service ›

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Erectile Dysfunction Medication

We have ED drugs available in store for you.

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Diabetes Support & Education

We provide advice on healthy food and lifestyle choices and monitor your blood sugar levels.

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Medicare Open Enrollment

We will help you in the process of enrolling in Medicare and understanding your coverage better.

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Medication Therapy Management

We optimize your medication use in order to ensure better health outcomes.

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Medication Synchronization

We help you adhere to your medications through a one-time prescription refill process.

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Excellent and Affordable Barron Pharmacy

In need of quality medicines and pharmaceutical services? Barron Pharmacy is your local pharmacy in Michigan that offers OTC and prescription medicines, and a wide selection of services that aim to support your healthy lifestyle choices, help you gain access to affordable medicines, help you manage and adhere to your medications, and optimize your overall wellness.

Let Barron Pharmacy help you stay healthy. Contact us through our hotline at 734-528-9144 or fax at 734-528-9146 to get started.

What We Aim Our Mission Statement

Barron Pharmacy aims to help every patient in making healthy lifestyle choices, improving their self-confidence, gaining access to quality and affordable medicines, optimizing their medication adherence, and achieving and maintaining better health.

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